Benefits of GuardForce

Guardforce Web is a carefully crafted Saas product that helps manage large workforces in security guarding companies. The benefits of using Guardforce Web are 
1. No ghost workers. For an employee to be paid there has to be records of work done
2. Seamless intergration between sales and operations in terms of translation of what is billed versus how scheduling is done
3. Efficient allocation of human resources across the needs requested for by clients
4. Reduced time to account for work done by employees because of realtime schedule marking using mobile application
5. Reusable templates for scheduling employees, which aids in rapid scheduling of employees
6. More satisfied clients because you keep them in the loop of who is scheduled to work at their premisses and any other changes in schedules
7. Easier recurring billing 
8. Timesheets can be exported to various payrolls and also customizations can be done using available api's
9. Highly configurable, role base access to the system. Employees can only affect what they have access rights to do.
Business Partners
This feature manages an indexed list of all your business partners, defining all the places where you are serving them. It also contains the history of all service requests that they ever made
Client Billing
Recurring billing for your clients has never been this easier. With GuardForce Web, you have the capabilities of setting up, per-business partner billing or per site billing. The invoices generated can be exported to a lot of accounting packages
Human Resources 
At the core of workforce management we have human resources management. This feature manages the records of all employed personnel along with the status of their employment (on leave, suspension, termination). These employees can also be filtered by their pay grades and also the departments in which they serve. Duties can only be assigned to employees who are active, hence there are no ghost workers.
Combining the recorded business partners and employed personnel is the function of scheduling. Guardforce Web uses a carefully crafted and resuable mathematical model to give optimal allocation of employees on the workplaces that clients require guarding services. Guardforce makes sure that every employee has similar working hours in a given period. It is also capable of calculating the optimal manpower requirements when client needs are input into the system. Employees can be scheduled on weekly cycles, monthly cycles or using the relievers schedules
Guardforce Web has a mobile based platform that is used to mark attendance when shifts are done. When attendance is marked, these are converted into time sheets which give the summary of how an employee worked in a period. These timesheets can be further summarised and sent to payroll. Options of using biometric attendance recording is also available

Guardforce Web is a Software as a Service (Saas) product, but options are available for installations on your local area network. With the Saas option signing on is a very easy process, backups are managed and also there is no need to buy some expensive servers. Local  installations are more expensive. Billing for guardforce web is done on a monthly basis, with options to pay quarterly or for the whole year. For more information on pricing please contact our sales team at